By Sarah Binning

I ended yesterday with an invitation to post or submit your own favorite poems, songs or videos that helped you learn how to spell.

Today I thought I’d share another one of my favorite poems. “One out of Sixteen” by Shel Silverstein taught me how to spell “spelling.” The double “l” was difficult for me to remember until my mom read me this poem:

I’m no good at History,
Science makes no sense to me,
Music is a mystery,
English is no friend to me,
Math is my worst enemy,
Economics tortures me,
Gym takes too much energy,
Reading is a chore to me,
Geography just loses me,
I hate Sociology,
Chemistry confuses me,
I barf in Biology,
Astronomy’s just stars to me,
Botany’s just flowers smelling,
Even Art’s too hard for me.
Well, at least I’m good at Speling!

Upon the first reading, I didn’t understand why this poem was so funny. But I soon discovered that Silverstein purposefully misspelled “spelling” at the end of the poem. I remember feeling like a genius when I had to explain the poem’s comical ending to my little sister.